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Contact Details Tel: 01373 824466 Fax: 01373 824321
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Tumblewood Community : Participants in Community of Communities-
Is a 52 week, small, independent Therapeutic Community in a rural setting in Wiltshire.

We offer a comprehensive, integrated programme of Residential, Educational and Therapeutic support for girls aged 9 to 17 years plus with profound and multiple needs in terms of their emotional, psychological and attachment development.


  • Has developed consistently successful programmes for working with girls who present difficult to manage or chaotic behaviours- which may have been triggered by a number of factors which may include; self-harm, abuse, sexual exploitation, dysfunctional and/or destructive family patterns.

  • Helps girls to gain some awareness of how their experiences have resulted in a sense of chaos and confusion, culminating in an awareness of non- integration with themselves and alienation from society.

  • Promotes self-belief, confidence, motivation, trust, openness and resourcefulness.

  • Provides the holding environment (Winnicot) where the development of an individualised therapeutic programme to meet each young person's holistic needs can be achieved. Patterns of entrenched behaviours and emotions are explored, redefined and reorganised through safe and sensitive interventions.

  • Works with young people, their families and other organisations to identify methods of working that understand, develop and change behaviours.

  • Offers young people the 'space' to discover their identity and utilise existing and new skills to make sense of themselves and their experiences whilst mindful of their ultimate transition into wider society.