The accommodation comprises of four small houses with the Tumblewood school on the same site. Depending on the needs of the young people, the focus of placements can be halting high risk behaviour, which is often the case in the early stages of placement, integration into group living with emphasis on developing social skills or independent living. Young people can be accommodated on a two to one or one to one basis depending on their level of need and progress through the therapeutic programme. Impact matching risk assessments ensure that groups of young people are compatible whilst catering for their individuals needs.

Tumblewood Community

The Care team work well with the Therapy and Education teams to ensure that young people are provided with opportunities for personal growth in terms of self worth, sense of identity, cultural needs and independent living skills. The skilled and reflective staff team work hard to encourage safe introduction to new ways of relating to self and others in social situations, new activities and experiences. Young people living at Tumblewood, who have histories of relationship breakdown and interpersonal difficulties, are exposed to new opportunities with supportive adults coaching and supporting them throughout.

The Care team work alongside young people to discover their strengths, help them learn to be proud of their achievements and re-integrate back in to the wider community. This is achieved through comprehensive placement plans, risk assessments and positive handling plans as well weekly accommodation meetings and quarterly target meetings. Regular meetings are held with young people to ascertain their views on many aspects of community living. It is not uncommon to witness the young people engaged in a multitude of activities such as: ice skating, horse riding, swimming, trampolining, rock climbing, gymnastics, quad biking, sea cadets, youth club, life guarding, part time jobs, voluntary work, football, refereeing, young drivers lessons etc. Fortunately, delicious, healthy and nutritious food prepared by the chef sustains this intensive, energetic, creative and sometimes challenging community of people.