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Our School
The school based within Tumblewood Community is home for up to 15 girls and young women with provision for 39-week day or residential placements. It is one of three departments within an integrated treatment environment, complimented by Care and Therapy.

It has full DfES Registration and has been consistently rated as 'Good' by Ofsted. We have a dedicated, experienced and well qualified Education team which consists of a Headteacher, Deputy Head, SENCo, and subject specialists in Maths, ICT, Literacy, Science, Art, Humanities and Music.

Our Staff
Teachers and Teaching Assistants work closely in the classrooms with therapeutic care workers, who provide individual support where necessary throughout the day and maintain important home-school links.

Staff build trusting relationships to ensure comfortable transitions during the day between home, school and therapy and provide vital practical and emotional support. As a result there is often a one to one pupil staff ratio in class.

Due to the small, safe, family structure of Tumblewood Community it is possible to undertake in- depth individual work with young people who have issues and anxieties arising from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

The pupils are able to begin their journey of understanding the impact of trauma experience in their lives.

The teaching staff work with high-risk behaviours, exploring and identifying presenting patterns and assisting to change pupils' cycles of negative behaviour. All staff work to achieve placement success, school inclusion and reintegration into society.

Our Programmes and Project Weeks
The full- time education programmes are broad, balanced and fully differentiated for all levels and abilities and are designed to reflect the range of complex emotional, behavioural, mental difficulties exhibited by our pupils. They also offer flexibility to allow for individualised learning support and for therapeutic input.

Project weeks are extremely popular here at Tumblewood and are run by our specialist teams to support education during the school holidays and allow for consistency of support, which is vital for our girls who thrive on structure and familiarity of the teams working alongside them. This Group work programme consists of a variety of groups and enhances our education programme with an additional thirteen full project weeks per year.

The programme is usually themed, topic oriented and cross - curricular.

It also promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and prepares young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Safeguarding and Monitoring
There is range of accreditation from AQA Unit Awards, Entry Level and GCSE. Pupils at KS4 are also encouraged to begin AS or access to Higher Education modules as part of their pathway programmes wherever possible.
The School operates a highly successful but very simple system of rewards for attendance, behaviour and effort, which is acknowledged in an award ceremony weekly and, more formally, at the end of each term.

As with any vulnerable group, in school and at home, our priority is safeguarding. However, we strive to maintain a comfortable, home-like environment as much as possible and an educational experience which does not significantly differ from that of their peers. Enrichment activities compliment the academic programmes and allow the girls to take part in activities which support social inclusion and to achieve in areas of personal interest or skill, such as horse riding, rock climbing, singing etc.

Daily, weekly and monthly reports are produced by school staff, these form part of a document that is also contributed to by the care staff and made available where appropriate to parents, placing and support agencies etc.They provide evidence of the strong links between the residential care, therapeutic and educational elements of the Community.

Targets are set with pupils and systematically recorded and reviewed for all three aspects of their placement. Our accredited Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator oversees the Individual Education Plans for our pupils who have Statements of Special Educational Needs (most of them). She also administers the Personal Education Plans (PEPs) in liaison with the pupils' parents, carers and social workers and SEN departments in each local authority.

Our Communities
There is a structured and regular Community Meeting at the start and the end of each day where young people and adults discuss and celebrate achievements of the day. On other occasions specific topics may be brought to the meetings or relevant matters that occur in the wider community discussed. Tumblewood School takes careful consideration with the transition between fully secure environments and one where individual freedoms and responsibilities will need to be reintroduced.
Opportunities may be offered to integrate pupils into local mainstream schools and work experience is encouraged in the community for year 10 and 11 pupils. An example of this are use of local farming and trekking facilities which offers a GNVQ qualifications in animal care and encourages pupils to interact with other young people of a similar age in team building tasks. Strong links with the Trowbridge Connexions resource has been instrumental in the success the school has had in supporting pupils at Trowbridge FE College and, where appropriate, at work based placements.